Are you feeling the fire of transformation, stirring deep within you?

Are you sensing that a big shift is underway, coming to unravel your very essence?

Are you hearing the call of your Soul, urging you to step onto your truest path?

The deeper truth of you is being born.

You are alchemizing, transmuting, transcending…

Uncovering. Unfolding. UNVEILING.

Perhaps, you are going through a big transition in your life right now. Or a full-fledged “dark night of the Soul”. 

Or maybe you are preparing for the next chapter of your life, excited yet uncertain about what it is…

Whatever the nature of your current transformation, one thing is for sure: it is anything but easy.

You might find yourself spinning in circles, although in your heart you feel so ready for the next level.

You might be hitting the wall again, despite having done a ton of work on yourself.

You might be wondering: is this ever going to work?

I don’t have the ultimate answer, but here’s what I see.

All of this IS the work we came here to do, both for ourselves and for the collective.

There’s no magic wand, “proven systems” don’t work for everyone, and a spiritual bypass just won’t do it.

So…let’s get to work!

The moment is NOW.

The only way out is THROUGH.

Deep and intense. Raw and real.

This is THE UNVEILING journey of the Soul.

And as you are walking this path, facing the challenges, healing the wounds – it is okay to have someone hold your hand, watch your back, give you support.

In fact, receiving professional support has immense added value.

Having someone on your team carries you through the ups and downs of the inner journey.

It gives you a boost of strength when you are running out of breath, points out your blind spots, and offers some tough love when you need it the most.

It lets you relax into a sacred container and actually DO the work.

It accelerates your growth and catalyzes your process.

This is exactly what I provide in my 1:1 sessions and group programs.

I offer you a blend of three modalities:

Intuitive mentoring – speaking on behalf of your higher knowing to give you a fresh perspective. 

Energy alchemy – clearing your energy to create a sense of new power and freedom. 

Ontological coaching – creating an opening for you to find your own answers and make choices from a place of alignment.

Key takeaways from doing this work are:

– Understanding the “big picture” of your life

– Getting to the root of your current issues and uncovering the lessons

– Moving karmic mountains and undoing the corrupt codes in your Soul Blueprint

– Healing the pain, transmuting the fear, clearing the energy, and making space for YOU to show up

– Learning to navigate life with the tools of intuitive perception and energy work

– Feeling closer to yourself, your heart, your Soul

– Making quantum leaps into freedom and authentic living

*Current options for working with me 1:1*








A deep dive into your most important issue. A Soul-to-Soul conversation. 


A journey of discovery and a spiritual adventure.


A moment of Truth. 


A sacred alchemical container, which I carefully craft and hold for your transformation.






Each session is an experience tailored to your current needs and questions. 

It is a co-creation where you bring your challenges and your willingness to make a shift, and I offer myself as a vessel for the highest possible outcome to transpire.

From being the space of being grounded on Earth, centered in my Heart, and open to the Divine and its infinite wisdom, I connect with your Soul and energy field. Using the totality of my skills as a coach, mentor, seer, alchemist, Akashic records guide, card reader, and Priestess, I support you in unveiling the Truth of your situation, generating the Power you need to move forward, and renewing your sense of Trust in yourself and the Universe. 



In our 75 min together, we have the space to go deep and work some (pretty impactful) magick. We connect deeply and work with what is moving and shifting NOW. We are doing energy clearings and guided journeys, sometimes even “psychic surgery” in the blueprint/energy system/on the quantum level. We are having coaching and mentoring conversations, interpreting things, making sense of situations, digging out the hidden lessons, solving karmic mysteries. It is all very intuitive, mostly channeled, and always divinely guided.



Possible session subjects may include:


– understanding your Soul purpose, gifts, and background through Akashic records

– clearing blocks in energy and recurring karmic issues

– gaining clarity and new perspective on a decision, a relationship, or a challenge in your life


…..and so on!




The investment for one 75 min session: 155 euro

(discounts are available for returning clients and in packages – email me to know more)



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THE UNVEILING 1:1 mentoring journey






An exploration and reclamation of who you are in your essence.





This is a journey where we intend to go deep, and create results that are life-changing.


For this we need time and space. The recommended duration of the process is 2-3 months.


All journeys are unique and sacred, and are co-created to address your situation.


By application only – let’s have a non-binding conversation first, to connect, get to know each other, and see if we are a fit. 









Email me to to learn more and/or schedule!



Truth. Congruence. Direction.

Power. Momentum. Energy.

Trust. Inner guidance. Freedom.

…this is what THE UNVEILING 1:1 work is about.