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Tag Archives: meaningful life

New year – done differently

As the year is coming to its logical end, I’m noticing the cyclical nature of things… From January to December… From sunrise to sunset… Months, weeks, days, hours in between…Countless breaths, numerous moments… To get inspired and inspire. To receive and to give. To make someone’s day better, or to change their life (why not?).… Continue Reading

Dare to live

…I drafted this on the airplane, crossing over the islands of Indonesia, en route to my personal paradise: Bali. As the day turned into night, and hours vanished into nothingness, I slowly came to comprehend the magnitude of my endeavor: I took the plunge and, following my heart’s desire, signed up for a yoga teacher… Continue Reading

How to start anything (even your newsletter)

Something important happened today: I hit the “send” button for my first newsletter ever. Now, I have to confess: this newsletter almost did not happen. It took me about five years to produce these words, the ones my 40 first subscribers will be reading soon. Yes, five years! Time long enough to understand some stuff about… Continue Reading

A Little Red Notebook

I am sure you all know what a bad day is. In online dictionaries I found such synonyms as: – a politically correct “Not-so-perfect day” – a straightforward “Bummer day” – a very popular “Shitty day” And a special variety of it – “A bad hair day” A couple of weeks ago, I was in… Continue Reading

How perseverance breeds success

These days, I am thinking about perseverance. Maybe it is this time of the year: fresh new 365 days of life waiting to be lived and remembered as the ones worth all the breaths taken, the words said, the miles walked. Unpainted canvas of life versus the gravitational pull of winter hibernation. Rewards of following… Continue Reading

Context is everything

The more I live, the more I get to appreciate the power of creation and context. Context is power. Context is everything. Whether we want it or not, everything we have in our consciousness comes with a context. All events, circumstances, situations, people, even ideas and emotions, have context, which determines our relationship to all… Continue Reading

What will matter?

Some days ago, I visited my grandmother in Russia. When she opened the door, I was shocked by what I saw: instead of my grandma with red-coloured hair in a bun, there was a very old woman with short grey hair. For many years she was holding on to her long hair and refused to… Continue Reading