Emerging conscious leaders on a mission.

Starseeds with a passion for change. Stellar Souls with a rebel streak. Agents of transformation whose guiding light is the heart.


You might be my soulmate client if:

You have a burning desire to be a force of good in this world. You just care - more than an average person does. You thrive on having a cause to work for, and need to have a strong sense of purpose in your life.

You are highly sensitive, intuitive, possibly even psychic. You have always felt "different" and unique: sometimes even fellow awake/conscious/spiritual people don't get you. It often feels like there is no map for your journey, no reference point for your identity. Your Heart is your compass.

You are naturally inspiring, and transform others through being the change and walking the talk. You are naturally charismatic and move people into action. Your story is your teaching, and you teach when you need to learn. You don't give up easily, and possibly have endured great adversity in your life. You are a trailblazer in your own right.

Your main challenges are:

You feel like you have enormous potential but sometimes don't know how to proceed and bring it into the world. You often feel like the world’s best kept secret. Traditional business paradigms and marketing practices don’t feel aligned with who you are, and you wonder how to create success in a harmonious way.

You tend to feel scared of your own power, and seem to be unable to break through the invisible wall. Your pain has a lot to do with fears of rejection, persecution, being silenced or having to hide your true nature. You care so much that sometimes you burn out, or lean towards perfectionism, overgive and doubt yourself.

working with me can help you:

  • Embrace the full truth of who you really are through discovering your Soul essence, lineage, and stellar gifts

  • Gain confidence to own your sovereign power and show up in your uniqueness

  • Learn to manage your energy through mastering alchemical principles

  • Develop self-trust and navigate life from being centered in your core

  • Build your business as a sacred container for your purpose

  • Align your brand to be an authentic expression of who you really are



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Are you ready to get serious about creating the shifts you know you need to make, and need competent support for this process of inner and outer alignment?

I offer you an experience of being witnessed, understood, and lovingly challenged to be your truest self. You will receive an hour of safe space to get clear, release the blocks, connect with your wisdom, and move forward.

I use Consciousness Coaching® methodology in combination with intuitive mentoring and energy work - tailored to your unique needs.

Fierce, fiery, fun. And from the heart.

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Are you looking for some guidance and inspiration? Do you enjoy being in a circle of like-minded people who share similar dreams and challenges?

This could be the right fit for you - a 2-hour long online experience in which group coaching meets transformational training, with a dash of channeling and energy clearing.

These circles are designed to activate your inner wisdom, transmute your current business challenges into insights, and support you with reaching absolute alignment in both your being and your doing.

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deep dive immersions

Are you navigating a big transition in your life, and require a dedicated safe space of support and guidance?

I am offering tailor-made immersions - facilitated both in-person and online - crafted as alchemical containers for the current chapter of your journey.

An immersion like this can help you with unveiling the truth of your path, generating the power you need to move forward, and renewing your sense of trust in life.

I will hold your hand as you are making quantum leaps into free, authentic living, and mentor you in using the tools of intuitive perception.