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You are here for a reason.

You are one of a kind:

a visionary, a free spirit, a rule breaker, a dreamer, a leader.

People like you have been called starseeds, multipotentialites, linchpins, mavericks, Lightworkers.

In fact, you don’t fit into categories and can’t live in a box.


You are on a mission to change the world through working with people in meaningful ways.

You are inspired by the idea of contributing and making a difference.

Your main motivation is passion, not money, and “be the change you want to see in the world” is your motto for business and life.


You guessed it right:

you are so much more than ordinary.


And let me ask you….


Are you frustrated by the challenges of entrepreneurship, and fear you don’t have what it takes to “make it”?

Are you feeling put off by marketing, selling, and systems, and can’t stand all this “6 figures in 3 days” talk?

Are you equally tired of continuously healing, transforming and vibrationally upgrading yourself – with little to no results in your business?

Are you longing to feel free and fulfilled? Authentic and aligned? Soulful and successful?


I am like you, I am with you, and –

                          I have something for you.


Good news:

No, you didn’t miss the memo on “how to make it in the business world”, and you didn’t miss the invitation to the “secret 6-figures club”. And most likely, you don’t have a terrible past-live curse that is sabotaging your success.

Bad news:

There is no spoon (c)

As in: there is no memo, there is no secret club, and even if you happen to have a curse, you can get it cleared in no time.


Here is something beyond the entire “good” and “bad” paradigm:


Your purpose is real. Your passion is real.

So are your talents, desires, dreams, and visions.

Your limitations, beliefs, stories and fears are not real – although they seem to be.

Your Soul’s pure essence is Love&Light, and it is waiting for you to come onboard, and live this Truth.

You are perfectly capable of creating a successful business that feels authentic, comes from the heart, and expresses your Soul.


I feel called to help you create and live your soulful success.

My name is Violetta, and I help extraordinary people like you live their Truth, align with their Soul, and lead from Love – so that you can have a stellar life while soulfully contributing to this world.


I have worked with dozens of clients from over 30 countries and collected around 2500 hours of experience leading personal development trainings in Germany, South Africa, Russia, the Netherlands, and other amazing places. I hold a PhD in Cultural studies and project management, and am a true learning junkie.


From my own experience I know all about the struggles of creating a life that is meaningful and feels authentic and aligned. I tested and tried almost every method and system in the self-help world, and learned a lot about the inner workings of personal transformation.


I have created a unique blend of intuitive work, mentoring, and coaching – all to help YOU finally get unstuck, live your Truth and lead from Love.


What I believe in is this:

We are here to live our Soul’s purpose and express our divinity in a unique way, and our job is to get out of our own way.

Entrepreneurship is a spiritual path, and it will push your buttons.


Having a business – especially a purposeful, soulful, passionate business – is an intense experience, and having a love-hate relationship with it is normal. You need to cultivate spiritual resilience to get through the rocky patches of the road.


I don’t think entrepreneurship is meant to be all roses&butterflies.

I think entrepreneurship is meant to be a celebration of all possible colors of the journey, infused with purpose and illuminated by Source.


Sometimes, it will bring you to your knees in a dark night of the Soul, and at other times it will lift you up to the skies.

And so will Life.

Isn’t it all divinely arranged, and amazingly beautiful?


If this resonates, let’s work together!