Hello beautiful Soul! 



I am Violetta – transformational trainer, intuitive mentor,


spiritual coach, Blueprint Changer, and Magdalene devotee.



I believe that you are here for a reason.


Chances are, you are what I call a Stellar Soul – a cosmic conscious being living a human life.

And perhaps, you are also a Blueprint Changer – a visionary leader, and a sacred agent of transformation.


You came to Earth at this moment in history to play a unique role in our collective evolution through

embodying and expressing your Soul essence.


Your purpose is real. Your passion is real.

And so are your dreams, desires, talents, and sacred gifts.


Why, you might be wondering, is life such a struggle at times?

How can it be that your spirit is so strong, your Soul so gifted, your Heart so loving…but you seem to be spinning in circles and hitting the wall again?


Because being a cosmic being in a human body and doing your Soul work in the world requires facing challenges.


We are up against thousands of years of conditioning, broken codes in our planetary blueprint, and numerous repercussions of karma, both personal and collective.

This is not easy. It can be heartbreaking and excruciatingly hard, to the point of wanting to quit it all…


Please know: you can do this.


You have been trained for this. The Light codes in your Soul blueprint are waiting to get activated.

The gifts from your past lifetimes are ready to be remembered, and put to use.


We are so, so close to a massive shift. We can do this.

And we need you.


Don’t give up, Stellar Soul.

And please don’t settle for anything less than your Soul’s path. It wants to be claimed, it needs to be lived.


Let’s go even deeper, and open wider.

Learn to transmute fear into love, and alchemize pain into purpose.

Awaken, ignite, amplify that Soul Light.

Let’s be dedicated, courageous, and real.

Let’s find new strength, and let our Souls lead the way.