Transformational trainer, certified Consciousness Coach®, intuitive mentor, brand strategist, creative writer and inspirational speaker.

Starfire Priestess, Blueprint Changer, devotee of Magdalene.

Lead Trainer for Creative Consciousness International.

Cat person. Coffee lover. Voracious reader.

My mission is to ignite your freedom to be YOU: align your life, liberate your magic, embody your Soul’s essence. In working with clients, my style is fierce, fun, and free – always coming from the heart.

I hold a PhD in cultural studies, and have years of experience in leading personal development programs and coach training courses on three continents, with participants from over 30 countries. As a true citizen of the world, I divide my time between Southern France, Amsterdam, Moscow and South Africa.

I believe in the power of guidance, in the fire of purpose, in the path of conscious leadership, and in the sacred alchemy of the heart – where the human meets the divine, the mundane dances with the magical, and embodied Soul essence illuminates the way.




Violetta’s blend of intellect, intuition, and compassion made me feel completely safe in her presence. She is one of the most empowering personalities I have met so far.”– Ilona, coach, Germany

I received answers to many questions. Violetta teaches what she went through herself and what she has gotten herself. She embraced the wisdom of her soul and her experience. For me, she is an example of how to leave in alignment with one’s soul and life purpose.” – Dinara, trainer and coach, Russia

Working with Violetta has been life changing. She really connects with you on a spiritual and human levels and is able to answer questions which can help you on your journey to self discovery.” – Paulina, USA

The whole process has felt very purifying. I aligned fully with my Soul, as I found my inner peace, strength…” – Jana, the Netherlands

Violetta’s coaching is to the point with empathy. She supported me in finding my strength to believe in myself and to have self confidence. Thanks to Violetta, I am able to start my business and to achieve my dream.” – Carolien, coach, the Netherlands

What a joyful, opening, miraculous journey I went trough with Violetta. She supported me in opening up and cleared my space in order to live more freely. Her perspectives always helped me forward. Every session new possibilities came to the surface. Akashic Records reading got me a lot of insights and the clearings got me lighter. The other sessions were not only about letting happen, but also supported me into making happen in the physical daily life. I feel more complete and very grateful for this journey, which can only expand from where I am right now. What I especially appreciated about Violetta is that she takes time for every step, I felt I could say and share anything what was occupying me. Her ability to read the energy shifted all subjects brought in the session. Thank you, thank you, thank you!” – Annemieke, the Netherlands

“Violetta is amazing! She has a true gift and the world is so lucky she is willing to share it.  I found her to be professional, yet approachable. I instantly felt at ease with her.”

– Kendra Bailey, USA



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